Who’s who on the stand at Housing 2017?

Our HouseMark team will be on the stand at Housing 2017 to share their experience, knowledge and expertise across a range of housing, data and analysis topics. 

Not only will you be able to ask questions about your existing membership package, we’ll be on hand to talk to you about the changes we are making for the future and how these can benefit you. 

Most importantly, we will be on the stand to hear from you. We want to know more about the challenges you and your organisation are experiencing now and anticipate facing in the future. This helps us to ensure we have the right solutions you need to lead successful businesses. 

Our key team members are: 

Read more about HouseMark at Housing 2017 or email Elaine Middleton, Head of Marketing and Communications, at elaine.middleton@housemark.co.uk for more information.

By Nisha Shouan

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