Performance Reporting Framework Review

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If you’re looking to build a robust approach to performance reporting that enables good governance, regulatory compliance and evidence-based decision making, Housemark’s Performance Reporting Framework Review is here to help.

Our review offers an in-depth assessment of your organisation’s balanced scorecards used for performance reporting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), data, processes, tools and culture – regarding performance reporting.

Our outputs include:

  • An assessment with recommendations for improvement that can be provided to executive/senior leadership teams and boards/elected members as valuable external assurance.
  • A report shaped around what Housemark believes to be the eight key pillars of an outstanding performance reporting framework, and our assessment of your current position (and level of data maturity).
  • Insight and best practice from within the sector, along with recommendations, so that you can start making improvements right away.
  • Clearly identified quick wins – with a focus on tackling thematic/recurring issues identified through the course of the review.

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“The review helped us to understand the importance of a performance culture, and that this must come from the top. It provided us with practical suggestions for action to tackle some of the challenges, such as how to develop effective reports and scorecards.” Head of Housing Strategy and Service Development, London Borough of Havering

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