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Social landlords are collecting ever-growing amounts of data, and the volume of information being generated is only likely to grow in the coming years. Collecting and analysing accurate data is the core of every data project, business plan, or data-driven decision.

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Our new Data Club will cover essential topics and best practice, with practical and strategic approaches for those working with data.

At all of our Clubs, content is driven by members’ priorities and requests, truly giving you the chance to shape the agenda for the future. Between meetings you will benefit from exclusive access to a members’ forum to increase discussion and networking opportunities.

Housemark Specialist Clubs are open to both Housemark members and non-members, with discounts available for multiple places.

Our Specialist Clubs programme is back for 2024 – for more information contact or see the brochure linked below for dates and pricing.


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“It was interesting to see how companies are working. Looking outside of my organisation helps us understand and address common issues.”

Gareth Morgan IT and Data Manager, Golden Lane Housing

“Really relevant all the way through, love the break out sessions as well where it’s great to hear what our peers are doing”

Angela Worthington Assistant director of customer experience , Forhousing

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Our expert partners are here to provide support to boost your in-house capabilities. By presenting data in a clear way, we’ll show you what the numbers mean to your customers, your people, and your business.

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