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Housing Data and Analytics Summit programme

08:30 Registration and exhibition

09:30 Welcome and opening comments

Rob Griffiths, Chief Executive, Housemark

09:40 Opening keynote: Driving performance with data

Bernie is a specialist on the cutting-edge use of data in motorsport and will be joining us at Silverstone to speak about business performance and the huge importance of analytics and data in the high-octane, high-pressure environment of F1. She is currently a Sky Sports F1 presenter. We will discuss the use of data to drive performance and how data has become the centre piece of every decision and why fast, accurate analysis is key.

Bernie Collins, former Head of Race Strategy at Aston Martin F1 team

Chair: Daz Chauhan, Senior Data Business Partner, Housemark

10:30 Networking break and move to breakout rooms

10:40 Breakout sessions 1

  • A: Building trust and unlocking capacity through digital

Hannah Harvey, Saffron Housing’s Chief Operating Officer will share why accurate customer data to understand needs and preferences is essential for improving customer experience. Amanda Leonard, Sector Transformation Expert, Prodo will explore how digitalisation need not be seen as a one-dimensional efficiency vehicle, but as a capacity creator, enabling resources to be targeted to those customers who need a more tailored service or support.

Hannah Harvey, Saffron Housing’s former Chief Operating Officer and Amanda Leonard, Sector Transformation Expert, Prodo

Chair: Daz Chauhan, Senior Data Business Partner, Housemark

  • B: Hear the customer voice through your data

In this session we will explore how we can use customer feedback and satisfaction data better. As Housemark collects and analyses satisfaction and performance data, we’ll be able to look at UK wide trends and discuss how we can use the satisfaction data to drive change and improve your performance and satisfaction. Dan will bring practical examples as Director of Customer Experience at Berwickshire Housing Association. As a Scottish landlord, they’ve reported on customer satisfaction for over 10 years and Dan has significant experience in driving service improvements thought feedback data.

Dan Blake, Executive Director – Customer Experience, Berwickshire Housing Association and Jonathan Cox, Director of Data and Business Intelligence, Housemark

Chair: Paul O’Callaghan, Consultancy and Business Development Lead, Housemark

  • C: Discover the potential in your data and build data ecosystems for housing

Marisa is a data science specialist with over 20 years’ experience, in a succession of data-focussed roles. Vibhuti leads the Data Engineering and Performance Reporting team at Platform Housing, one of the largest housing associations in the Midlands. We will discuss data maturity, enrichments and predictive analytics for property management. Marisa and Vibhuti will explore using real life examples, how using data science we can drive efficiencies and implement AI and innovation to accelerate business growth.

Marisa Murton, Head of Data Science, Allianz and Vibhuti Laroiya , Head of Data Engineering and Business Intelligence, Platform Housing

Chair: Craig March, Senior Data Business Partner, Housemark

  • D: How technology can support your sustainability goals

Innovation is key to achieving sustainability goals and challenges such as the decarbonisation of operations can be addressed through technologies that drive sustainable transformation. AWS supports organizations of all sizes and across all sectors to build and implement solutions that meet their sustainability goals. Johan will explore how moving to the cloud can help housing providers reduce their environmental impact by lowering energy consumption, reducing travel by enabling remote work and promoting paperless operations.

Johan Hanekom, Principal for Sustainability and Innovation, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Chair: Kirsty Wells, Director of  Consultancy and Partnerships, Housemark

11:30 Refreshment break

12:00 Breakout sessions 2

  • A: Data challenges and opportunities in the housing sector

Simon will present the findings of his latest research conducted on the data challenges he’s identified that the housing sector is currently battling. Stephen and Fraser will join Simon to dive deeper into the findings of his research from a housing provider and tech perspective, to explore the factors that are uniquely important to the housing sector.

Dr Simon Williams, Managing Director, Service Insights and Stephen Batley, Assistant Director of Business Improvement, Together Housing and Fraser Dear, Head of Data & Productivity Solutions, BCN Group

Chair: Jonathan Cox, Director of Data and Business Intelligence, Housemark

  • B: Tips for successful data, knowledge, and information management

In this session we will hear practical advice on successful data and information management from Abel, a high performing data management and data governance professional. We will also explore the recommendations around record-keeping and data management outlined by the Housing Ombudsman’s Knowledge and Information Management report on how data can be used to increase efficiencies.

Abel Aboh, Data Management Lead, Bank of England and Board Member – Governance Board, The Data Lab and Rebecca Reed, Head of Insight and Development and Verity Richards, Head of Dispute Support, Housing Ombudsman

Chair: John Wickenden, Research Manager, Housemark

  • C: Data culture and data-based approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Intent HQ continuously demonstrates their ongoing dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I winning the Women in Tech – Best Tech Employer award 2023 and 2022). We will dive deeper into their successful and methodical approach to People Strategy and explore their solutions for implementing a modern data culture.

Aggie Basnett, Data Strategist, Intent HQ

Chair: Kirsty Wells, Director of Consultancy and Partnerships, Housemark

D: How to introduce AI & Machine Learning ethically to your organisation to optimise actionable data insights

Breakout session sponsor 

AI is revolutionising many aspects of our lives, including how landlords provide services to tenants. However, there are ethical implications to consider, including potential for bias and discrimination based on the data used. Mobysoft will discuss frameworks for introducing AI and mitigating these data risks as well highlighting how AI is helping resolve the damp and mould challenges and how landlords support tenants paying their rent.

Natalie Tuer, Head of Product (Repairs), Jack Pawson, Senior Data Scientist, Mobysoft

Chair: Zack Hodge, Head of Photobook, Housemark

13.00 Lunch break and networking

14:00 Afternoon Keynote: How to prepare for our digital future

Jonathan has spent the last fifteen years working in global communications roles alongside senior politicians and influential public thinkers. His podcast Government vs The Robots is listened in over one hundred countries and explores and explains how technology will affect politics and governance in the future. He’s an author of the ‘Digital Information Ecosystems: The Progressive Playbook’. In this afternoon keynote session, we will explore how organisations can use data, digital tools and AI to position themselves for success.

Jonathan Tanner, Founder & CEO, Rootcause

Chair: Daz Chauhan, Senior Data Business Partner, Housemark

14:45 Move to breakout rooms

14:55 Breakout sessions 3

  • A: Data analysis as basis for strategic decision-making

Ryan will join us to speak on data analysis as the basis for strategic decision-making. Outra is a market-leading data, analytics & performance product company with a unique take on decision intelligence.

As Head of Analytics at Outra, Ryan works closely with Peter Jackson, Chief Data and Technology Officer, and we will explore how data-driven insights can support evidence based strategies and enable informed decision making.

Ryan Ginbey, Head of Analytics, Outra

Chair: Daz Chauhan, Senior Data Business Partner, Housemark

  • B: So you think you know Data Protection?

Clare has over 20 years of experience of working in the fields of quality assurance and risk management. In her session Clare will dive into the benefits of data protection (which is so much more than keeping data secure) and she will explore various useful data protection tools and strategies. Find out how data protection can be a positive experience, building customer and employee trust, and be prepared to be challenged in this hands-on, practical session.

Clare Paterson, Director, CP Data Protection, Data Protection Consultant, Anthony Collins Solicitors

Chair: Craig March, Senior Data Business Partner, Housemark

  • C: Tackling damp and mould with data

In this session John and Zack will explore the trends behind the property data Housemark collects and learning and analysis from the damp and mould tool – Photobook Plus. We will be joined by Paula to explore strategies in damp prevention. Paula brings skills and knowledge on building physics and geochemistry, building surveys, condensation and rising-damp, environmental monitoring from her experience in working with social and private housing, historic buildings as well as on archaeological sites.

John Wickenden, Research Manager, Housemark and Paula Lopez-Arce, Scientific project advisor, Cultural heritage and built environment Consultant

Chair: Zack Hodge, Head of Photobook, Housemark

15.45 Refreshment break

16.05 Expert panel session: How to achieve successful data driven business transformation?

Panellists: Aggie Basnett, Data Strategist at Intent HQ
Vibhuti Laroiya, Head of Data Engineering and Business Intelligence, Platform Housing
Jonathan Cox, Director of Data and Business Intelligence, Housemark

Host: Matt Baird, Founder Member, Social Housing, District4, Founder of The Social Housing Round Table

16.50 Closing comments

Rob Griffiths, Chief Executive, Housemark

Tickets are available for the Housing and Data Summit here. Come together with other social landlords and explore the value and potential that data can bring to your business.

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