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Housing Data and Analytics Summit programme

08:45 Registration and exhibition opens

09:45 Welcome and opening remarks

Laurice Ponting, Chief Executive and Jonathan Cox, Director of Data and Business Intelligence, Housemark

09:50 The importance of data-driven customer insight and engagement

  • Why being data-driven is important for your organisation
  • Understanding your customers through data
  • Interpreting data through storytelling
  • How to use data to improve customer engagement and deliver value

Clive Humby OBE Chair: Amanda Leonard, Associate Director, Housemark

10:35 Move to breakout rooms

10:40 A choice of sessions

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • The crucial role of boards and execs in shifting workplace culture to become more inclusive
  • How diversity and diverse leadership can improve performance and productivity
  • Data gaps in EDI and how to understand and improve your EDI data
  • Why data is so important to EDI
Getting your data to the top table
  • How to educate your organisation to understand and articulate the problems that data can solve
  • Becoming part of the conversation to help shape the business strategy and operating model
  • Translating business goals into measurable metrics
  • Adding value quickly
The power of data and IoT – for healthier, safer homes
  • How to integrate and analyse data from Internet of Things technologies
  • The latest IoT and AI technology helping transform and improve resident well-being and safety
  • Empowering residents through data and insight
  • Future-proofing your approach to data and IoT
Data for good – Powering net zero
  • The role data can play in implementing a sustainable net zero strategy
  • Why we need reliable sustainability data to meet targets
  • How to improve the quality of your data in practice in order to reach net zero

11:15 Networking break and exhibition

11:45 Move to breakout rooms

11:50 Roundtable discussion sessions

Data Governance
The key principles for successful Data Governance
  • Principles that underpin successful data governance initiatives
  • What a good framework looks like
  • How to implement and embed the value and importance of data governance
  • How to tackle key sector challenges

Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach

Data and the consumer
Getting your consumer metrics in order
  • Key trends and principles
  • Identifying the drivers of good performance
  • How do you shape up against the TSMs and are you regulation ready?
Technology to drive innovation
What data and analytics technology-driven tools should you be investing in and why?
  • Emerging technologies driving change
  • How can your organisation benefit from investing in D&A technologies?
  • The role of Power BI in making data accessible
  • Rolling out new technology and tools effectively
Digital strategy
What does good look like?
  • What continues to drive digital change?
  • How well does you digital strategy align to your business strategy and objectives?
  • The use of data as an essential component
  • How are you measuring the return on your objectives?

12:50 Networking lunch and exhibition

13:40 What is data literacy and why is it important?

  • The fundamentals of data literacy
  • Why everyone should be data literate
  • What it means for both analysts and execs
  • Why it matters for your organisation

Jordan Morrow, Vice President and Head of Data and Analytics, BrainStorm.Inc and global trailblazer in the world of data literacy

14:25 Move to breakout rooms

14:30 A choice of sessions

ESG data management
  • The importance of effective ESG data management
  • The motives driving current need
  • Challenges and opportunities for the housing sector
  • Why leadership is crucial to collection, sharing and reporting
How to assess your data maturity
  • Understanding the journey
  • Where to start and the best approach
  • How to assess where improvements can be made
  • What does good look like?
Leveraging data to drive solutions and technology decisions
  • The use of data analytics to inform the development of products and services at Microsoft
  • Leveraging data to deliver better experiences, improved knowledge and efficient operations
  • How Microsoft UK continues to evolve and do new things with data through learning and best practice
  • How the right use of data and technology can empower you to achieve more

Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer, Microsoft UK

Using data analysis to get ahead of the cost-of-living crisis
  • How to analyse vulnerable areas and measure vulnerability
  • The importance of using open and comparable data
  • Examples of using data to tackle poverty
  • The best use of relevant data and insight to support your customers

15:05 Move to breakout rooms

15:10 Roundtable discussions

Data trends
Workforce development
  • Future-proofing your workforce
  • Considering data skills and tools training
  • Improving data literacy
  • Investing in your people
Data quality and strategy
Using data to improve the quality of homes and services
  • How to have a clear data quality purpose and get buy-in from senior leaders
  • The importance of data in making stock decisions
  • Getting on the right track and building the right team
  • Identifying the pain points and avoiding common pitfalls
Data security
Taking action to improve your resilience to heightened cyber threats
  • Balancing cyber risk and defence
  • Evidencing continued spend when facing increasing cost pressures
  • Risk factors to consider
  • Staying one step ahead
Customer and employee data
Understanding customer and employee experience through data
  • Why employee experience is just as crucial as customer experience
  • Why linking customer and employee experience data is so important
  • How can you turn this data and insight into action?

16:10 Move to main room

16:15 Expert panel session – How businesses benefit from a data-driven culture (including interactive quiz)

Chaired by Amanda Leonard, Associate Director, Housemark

16:55 Wrap up and closing comments

Laurice Ponting, Chief Executive and Jonathan Cox, Director of Data and Business Intelligence, Housemark

17:00-18:00 Networking drinks reception and exhibition

Tickets are now available for the Housing and Data Summit here. Come together with other social landlords and explore the value and potential that data can bring to your business.

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