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With new Tenant Satisfaction Measures and ever greater scrutiny of the service you provide to residents, the question is - are you ready for regulation? As you wrestle with big decisions and competing priorities, you need expert support from a partner you can rely on.

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We can help you stay ahead of regulation, with products and services to build and grow your data-driven business.

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs)

Housemark can help with all aspects of implementing the TSMs, from ensuring compliance with data collection and calculations, through to fieldwork, analysis, and understanding and presenting your results to tenants.

Tenant communication dashboards

Increasing transparency has been integral to social housing regulatory changes, and with this in mind, Housemark can help you to design bespoke dashboards – providing tenants and other stakeholders with key information on performance, actions from tenant feedback, spend and remuneration.

Complaints accreditation

Housemark’s Complaints Accreditation is an independent assessment of your complaints service against a series of complaints commitments and building blocks. Our criteria assess compliance with the proposed Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard, and incorporates the Housing Ombudsman’s complaint handling code and best practice from the sector.

ASB accreditation

Housemark’s Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Accreditation is an independent assessment of your ASB service. The assessment’s seven commitments and 44 building blocks align with the expectations set out in the proposed Neighbourhood and Communities Standard. The scope of the assessment ranges from support for victims and perpetrators to partnership working, performance reporting and strategic management.

Assurance pathways

Landlords are required to collect and provide information to support effective scrutiny by tenants, while also providing assurance to Boards or elected members. Housemark’s performance reporting framework reviews, KPI audits together with annual and monthly benchmarking exercises support landlords with this requirement.

Assessment against proposed Consumer Standards

Housemark can assess your current compliance against the proposed Consumer Standards through a combination of documentation reviews, staff and resident engagement sessions and site visits. This ‘critical friend’ assessment will give you an idea of how your housing service complies with regulation before an inspector calls for real.

Development and review of Equality Impact Assessments

The proposed Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard expects landlords to assess whether all tenants have fair access to, and equitable outcomes of housing and landlord services. Our experts can help with the development and review of Equality Impact Assessments to ensure all protected characteristics have been thoroughly considered in a given situation.

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