System Capability Assessment

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The latest Spotlight report from the Housing Ombudsman highlighted poor data and record-keeping as being ‘ubiquitous’ in the sector and causing daily detriment to residents. Investigations found that information mismanagement contributes to tenants being exposed to fire and other safety risks, loss of heating and hot water, and financial disadvantage.

In response, Housemark has launched the System Capability Assessment – a new package to support you in ensuring you have appropriate systems and processes in place to effectively record and utilise key data requirements, enabling you to provide the best possible service to your tenants.

Delivered over just five days, the package includes:

  • A review of your existing databases
  • Assessment of staff training
  • System usability review
  • Sensitive information assessment

Review existing databases for capability and capacity

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing databases and systems to determine their capability and capacity to record key data requirements. This review includes evaluating your databases’ functionalities, data fields, data structure, scalability, and integration capabilities, identifying any gaps or limitations in capturing essential data elements and ensuring they align with regulatory requirements and reporting obligations.

Staff training on system usage

We will review training programmes and resources to ensure your staff members are proficient in using systems and databases effectively. This includes evaluation of training to ensure coverage of data entry procedures, data quality standards, and best practices for capturing and updating information accurately and consistently.

System usability

We will evaluate the usability and accessibility of your systems and databases to ensure that information can be easily queried and retrieved. This will include an assessment of the user interface, search functionalities, and data retrieval mechanisms which optimise the ease of extracting relevant information.

Schedule reviews for sensitive information

We will evaluate the internal assessments which you have established to review the sensitive information stored within your systems and databases to identify data elements that are subject to legal, regulatory, or internal privacy requirements.

Led by Housemark Senior Data Business Partners Daz Chauhan and Craig March, our team of experts will work with you, empowering you to make informed decisions, drive service improvements, and optimise your management of data.

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