Lessons from lockdown: A pivot point for the social housing sector?

There can be no doubt that the Covid pandemic has delivered the biggest global, universal shock in recent memory. As the country went into ‘lockdown’ on the 23 March, Executives and Boards across the housing sector responded immediately to protect residents and employees from the threat of Covid infection and in so doing, within the space of six months have fundamentally challenged long held beliefs about ways of working and service delivery.

Talk of a ‘new normal’ doesn’t seem adequate enough either to describe the changes that are occurring now nor helpful in shining a light in navigating through some of the challenges that lie ahead.

Has this level of disruption created a pivot point for the sector? 

HouseMark Chief Executive Laurice Ponting has summarised insights and reflections on the operational responses and strategic questions the Covid pandemic has thrown up so far:

Read ‘Lessons from lockdown’ here

To discuss the themes in this paper, or to find out more about the impact Covid is having on the sector and how HouseMark can help landlords take evidence-based action now, contact: laurice.ponting@housemark.co.uk.

By Emily Dixon

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