HouseMark shares 'overwhelming response' from residents as part of STAR review

Following the release of our extensive research into how landlords capture the customer voice, we are now pleased to share the findings from HouseMark’s online resident survey, completed by close to 8,000 people. This is one of the largest resident consultation activities carried out in recent years, with respondents from a range of landlord types and sizes. Residents shared their thoughts on what matters most to them, how they prefer to provide feedback on the services they receive and what they want their landlord to do with the results.

Three key findings from our research are:

This survey, combined with six resident workshops hosted by TPAS, brings the research phase of our STAR review to a close.

Laurice Ponting, Chief Executive of HouseMark, says the message coming from the sector is clear:

“There has been an overwhelming response from both landlords and residents in HouseMark’s STAR review, demonstrating the sector’s focus and commitment to improving customer satisfaction. Providers want to be able to measure resident feedback effectively and use it to drive service improvements, and there is a clear desire from residents that their voices are heard and feedback is acted on.

“Higher customer expectations, new technologies and an appetite from landlords to listen and respond to resident feedback represents an amazing opportunity to respond to the emerging policy environment.”

What’s next?

As HouseMark moves forward to the design phase for a modern customer satisfaction framework, these top ten requirements have been identified:


HouseMark has commissioned TLF Research and Acuity to further analyse the findings and proposals will be released in November. 

We are also looking for a small number of landlords of varying shapes and sizes to help us test the proposed framework with their residents. Participating landlords will receive a summary report from HouseMark which compares their findings anonymously with other participants. If you’re interested in finding out more about this, please contact

By Emily Dixon

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