Radian Group uses HouseMark’s ASB Accreditation to improve services and demonstrate accountability

“HouseMark’s ASB accreditation is the housing sector’s only independent validation of compliance with the Respect ASB Charter for Housing. It is a fantastic opportunity to have a health check on the services you provide, to showcase best practice and receive practical recommendations from an independent organisation. The process has helped to raise our profile within the housing sector and given us the freedom to think outside the box when delivering a service to our customers, but more importantly, to be held accountable for our decision-making and case management when dealing with complex cases.

The re-accreditation comes at an exciting time for the group following the announcement of the partnership between Radian and Yarlington. This means that we can now harmonise best practices, identify new opportunities and continue to enhance and improve the service for all of our customers.”

Karolyn Barta, Housing Manager at Radian Group


Radian Group is a social landlord based in the South East of England. Since November 2019 the organisation has merged with Yarlington Housing Group to form a new partnership with the aim of providing more homes, building stronger communities and transforming services. The #TeamRadian’s values are based around: being the difference, always remaining curious, achieving together, ‘owning it openly’ – being open to sharing ideas and listening to customers and embracing possibility.


Recognising the importance of their role in addressing anti-social behaviour (ASB) affecting their customers and the wider community, the team started their journey with the HouseMark Accreditation in 2012. A further accreditation was awarded in 2016. Following the recommendations set out as part of the process, Radian Group brought together case officers from across the organisation to carry out an evaluation of the current service, taking into account what had and had not worked to date, what worked effectively and what was challenging for customers.


-Easier access for customers

The key focus of the current refreshed process is on making it as easy as possible for customer to report anti-social behaviour at an early stage. This includes having a number of different options for reporting including through the website. As well as serving as a lessons-learnt exercise, the accreditation process also helped them to get buy-in for the new approach from across the group. 

-Innovative approaches for positive resolutions

Where opportunities for innovative approaches have been identified, Radian has been quick to implement new solutions. For example, recognising that the majority of cases related to noise complaints, the group decided to sign up to the Noise App to record noise levels to support investigations. The use of both this app and noise monitoring equipment has led to many cases being resolved with a positive outcome.

-Accountability for decision making and case management

The accreditation process has allowed the organisation to demonstrate accountability for their decision making and case management. They are also mindful of ensuring all the front-line staff are appropriately equipped and trained to deal with incidents as well as providing detailed guidance, support and fact sheets for tenants to ensure everyone is kept up-to-date on laws and regulations.

In 2019 Radian Group was re-accredited with the ASB Accreditation until 2022.

Offering an independent eye, HouseMark's Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Accreditation helps you identify what you’re doing well and areas that could be improved. This will ensure you can demonstrate your robust response to ASB - a key area for tenant satisfaction - showing your stakeholders that you’re serious about creating positive places to live. To find out more, or if you’d like to take part in the Accreditation, contact us at info@housemark.co.uk.  

By Emily Dixon

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