COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on landlords, their staff and residents. Normal activities have been scaled back to focus on the essentials, and landlords are working hard to protect their tenants and staff with a depleted workforce. HouseMark now provides three new data-driven solutions to support the sector’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Impact Monitoring, Key Performance Forecasting and Budget Forecasting will provide landlords with the prompt evidence they need to understand the impact on their services, to deploy resources effectively, and to make immediate and long-term critical business decisions to secure their future.

The ‘new normal’

HouseMark is uniquely placed to provide social housing providers with a true understanding of the impact in context alongside robust forecasts into the future that help them plan and react accordingly. All three of these new products are available exclusively to HouseMark members, within the standard membership package.

For any queries about our COVID-19 response or any other aspects of the HouseMark offer, call our dedicated data helpline on 024 7647 2707 or email

COVID-19 Impact Monitoring

Key Performance Forecasts

Budget Forecasts

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