Since its first use in 2017 many of us are familiar with the expression ‘data is the new oil’, but how well is your organisation managing this valuable resource?

Since its first use in 2017 many of us are familiar with the expression ‘data is the new oil’, but how well is your organisation managing this valuable resource? Here, we share the top five reasons to upskill how you use data in your organisation in 2021:

1. The pandemic has driven more data-based decision making

From understanding the r-rate to prioritising the vaccination roll-out, we’ve seen data at the forefront of decision making since the start of the pandemic. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen more demand than ever before for data-driven insights from the across housing sector. Those landlords with the right skills and tools in place can make the most effective data-driven decisions.

2. There’s a wealth of data at your fingertips

Every day, transactions and interactions add to the wealth of data your organisation owns. We know that to unlock the potential this data holds for your organisation you need people that can not only identify which data matters the most, but then with the ability delve deeper to understand what is driving your performance position. By upskilling how you analyse this treasure-trove of insight you can deliver more for your residents and communities.

3. To turn insight into action, you need people to connect with it

Not everyone will be interested in the numbers, so how can you help people to engage with your insights? By harnessing data visualisation techniques, you can help bring your data to life for both internal and external stakeholders. This helps people to connect with what it’s telling you and be more invested to act.

4. Data is key to transparency and trust

Landlords are managing multiple regulatory and operational priorities. Data-driven insights can help you to prioritise resources and articulate why decisions have been made, building trust with your residents and stakeholders. Transparency and trust is a key theme in the Social Housing White Paper and many landlords are going to have to up their game in how they collect, report and act on data. Do you have the skills needed to do this?

5. Data can accelerate your digital journey

There is no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated digitalisation across the sector. To fully embrace the opportunities and benefits that digital solutions bring, you need to use data to understand how your business operates and where the most value can be gained.

If you’re ready to upskill how you use data in your organisation, HouseMark’s data training programme can help! Our courses are designed specifically for housing professionals and delivered by a housing expert who is passionate about what data can deliver for the sector. Participants will benefit from practical, hands-on learning using housing-related data to gain skills and techniques that can be put into action straight away.

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