Housemark’s Housing Data and Analytics Summit on 9 November will feature a range of in and out of sector data experts speaking on a variety of topics.

This week we’re introducing ‘The Friendly Data Scientist,’ Marisa Murton. Marisa specialises in insurance, data science, and commercial property data and will be joining us to talk about driving efficiencies to accelerate business growth using data science and property data.

Get to know Marisa Murton

Marisa is an independent consultant specialising in data products, enrichment, and solutions. Marisa was previously Head of Data Science for Incited, a data enrichment and solution provider to the insurance industry, following two years as an independent consultant, specialising in Insurance Data products. Prior to that she worked for the UK’s largest insurer, Aviva, for over 20 years, in a succession of data-focussed roles.

Marisa’s work varied over that time, and in the last few years she has primarily focused on leading teams of data scientists. Her plethora of experience gives her a unique perspective on how data can be used in all areas of insurance.

Marisa’s particular area of expertise, in terms of insurance, is in commercial property data. She has an exhaustive understanding of geographic risk and data enrichment for UK properties and a wealth of knowledge around the data available regarding UK SME/PLC.

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Housemark’s Housing Data and Analytics Summit takes place on Thursday 9 November at Silverstone International Conference and Exhibition Centre and is the only data event dedicated to the social housing sector, with an agenda jam-packed full of exciting content – all aimed at helping you to harness the power of data.

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