Who should attend? 

Our Leadership Forums are a series of exclusive leadership events aimed at senior housing leaders and those with a strategic responsibility within their organisations.  

Leadership Forums offer an invaluable opportunity for business leaders and sector experts to come together and engage in insightful dialogue on the critical issues shaping social housing. By participating in this exclusive forum, you will be at the forefront of crucial conversations covering the political, economic, and social landscape in the UK.  

Why attend? 

Join us to gain exclusive sector insights, access best practice and policy updates to help shape your strategic thinking. 

You’ll be able to build connections, and access latest insights covering a range of emerging political and strategic issues.  

We’ll deliver high-level insight and best practice examples to give you the confidence to make informed decisions about the future of your organisation.  

Who are the speakers?

  • Giulia Calcabrini, Lead Analyst, Moody’s Ratings  
  • Deven Gheleni, Director, Policy in Practice  
  • John Wickenden, Research Manager, Housemark  

The session will include an update on the outlook for the economy and UK housing sector, policy changes around available support, and the latest sector data update.  

This event is free to attend for Housemark members. The non-member fee is £100+VAT.  

Contact us 

Do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions: helen.williams@housemark.co.uk  


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