The UK’s only data event dedicated to the social housing sector is taking place on the 6 October at the Rep Theatre in Birmingham and tickets are now available. The Housing Data and Analytics Summit will leave you feeling inspired and enthused about how you can use the power of data to make positive business changes. With fascinating content from thought leaders and experts, you’ll gain a real understanding on why being data-driven is crucial for your business, and tangible takeaways to put into action straight away.

1. Make data a catalyst for change

Understand more about how utilising data can help you make a difference to the lives of your customers, your people and your business. Data should underpin everything that you do, and you’ll uncover why it should be the core foundation of your business and drive your business decisions. Come along to the breakout session ‘Getting your data to the top table’, to learn how to create a data-driven culture with key information on:

  • How to educate your organisation to understand and articulate the problems that data can solve
  • Becoming part of the conversation to help shape the business strategy and operating model
  • Translating business goals into measurable metrics
  • Adding value quickly

2. Make informed business decisions

Data is a vital part of our everyday life as we rely on it for direction and help with decision making.  Learn why data should be used right across your business and attend the panel session with our Associate Director Amanda Leonard on how businesses benefit from a data-driven culture.

3. Discover how to trust your data

Landlords now more than ever will be required to do more to collect and report on data – but it’s vital that data is consistent, trustworthy and doesn’t get misused. Our data governance roundtable discussion led by Nicola Askham, will explore effective data governance and provide you with the tools and tips to make this happen. The discussion will focus on:

  • Principles that underpin successful data governance initiatives
  • What a good framework looks like
  • How to implement and embed the value and importance of data governance
  • How to tackle key sector challenges

4. Strengthen your organisation’s position

Housemark originally introduced Monthly Pulse, to help the housing sector understand the impact of the pandemic and provide the most up-to-date data and insight to help organisations react quickly in a rapidly changing environment.  Join sessions covering how to turn insight into action, to help you deal  with the uncertainty caused by the pandemic and a volatile operating environment.

5. Meet with colleagues, peers and fellow data enthusiasts – in real life!

Delegates at our last in-person Housing and Data Analytics Summit appreciated “the opportunity to network with peers and peer Associations, exchange stories – the good and bad, and learn about the importance of data”- to quote just one.

6. Stay ahead of the curve

Join hundreds of landlords across the sector as we come together to understand how data can make a difference. Stay in the know with all the latest insight, tips and advice on how data can be used within your organisation, and be on the pulse of any new developments, techniques and tools that you can use. We have a choice of breakout sessions throughout the day providing you with valuable key takeaways to use within your business. From using data analysis to get ahead of the cost-of-living crisis, to leveraging data to drive solutions and technology decisions.

7. Learn the importance of data literacy

Utilising data should be commonplace throughout your organisation and not just something for the data scientists! Wherever you are on your journey, we can help you to become more data literate and make data accessible for everyone. Our keynote speaker Jordan Morrow will be talking you through ‘What is data literacy and why is it important’, covering:

  • The fundamentals of data literacy
  • Why everyone should be data literate
  • What it means for both analysts and execs
  • Why it matters for your organisation

8. Learn from outside of the sector

The Housing Data and Analytics Summit will bring together inspiring experts and thought leaders from out of sector, including Clive Humby OBE, who is known for his work launching Tesco’s hugely successful clubcard, Nicola Askham “the Data Governance Coach”, Jordan Morrow, the “Godfather of data literacy” and Robin Sutara, Microsoft UK’s first ever chief data officer.

9. Discover your driver

Find out how to use data as your businesses driver. We understand that landlords have conflicting priorities right now and digging deeper into data can help you discover where your efforts are best placed and what direction to take.

10. Have fun learning about the power of data through networking

We’ll be holding roundtable sessions alongside peers where you can come together and discuss hot topics, share best practice with other social landlords and enjoy the buzz of coming together and making new connections. Our Data Dates networking area will give you the chance to meet and sit down with your perfect data partners to discuss topics of interest most important to you. And the event will finish off with more opportunities to network at a drinks reception.

11. Re-imagine the art of the possible

Discover new and innovative ideas, and explore the skills, tools and techniques you need to use data effectively. Uncover how data will enhance your organisation and what is possible when you harness the power of data.

12. Discuss sector hot topics

The customer voice is at the forefront of the Social Housing Whitepaper and customer experience still remains a top priority for landlords. We’re looking forward to hearing from customer engagement expert Clive Humby OBE discussing ‘The importance of data-driven customer insight and engagement’. Other sessions will cover ‘How do you shape up against the TSMs and are you regulation ready?’, ‘The role data can play in implementing a sustainable net zero strategy’, and ‘Understanding customer and employee experience through data’.

View the full programme for the day here. Secure your places now for the Housing Data and Analytics Summit here.