HouseMark's COVID-19 Impact Monitoring was the first of our solutions launched in response to the pandemic. Covering key indicators like arrears, voids and repairs, the first three months of analysis provided critical insights to understand the ongoing impact and prioritise action to support recovery. Exclusive analysis reports have been shared with participants, and we are pleased to share the latest executive summary below:


Access the UK-wide executive summary for April May June July August September October November December

Access headline findings for Scottish landlords for July August September October November December

Access headline findings for Welsh landlords for July August September October November December

Participating landlords will directly receive a hot off the press report, including detailed analysis and best practice from landlords across the UK.

Participation deadlines for future months are as follows:

Month 10 - 15 January

Month 11 - 12 February

Month 12- 12 March

Month 13 - 16 April

Data collection for month 10 is now open and the form can be accessed here. To participate, please email your completed form to by 5pm on Friday, 15 January.

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