Star (Survey of tenants and residents) is our framework for periodic surveys of customer perception. Our questions and methods have been rigorously tested allowing our members to measure customer satisfaction and to compare results with each other.

We developed Star in 2011 following a sector-wide consultation. Today, around 350 landlords regularly collect this information and benchmark their results using our services.

Star enables you to:

Measuring satisfaction can help you to understand your customer experience and how well your services are performing. You can then direct your efforts and resources to improve future satisfaction levels and focus on areas of high concern to customers.

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STAR Review

In May 2019 we launched a review of the STAR methodology in light of the challenges set out by the social housing green paper and the technological innovations in the collection and reporting of customer perception data since STAR was last revised. It aims to develop a modern yet consistent framework for measuring customer satisfaction that allows like-for-like comparisons but also enables landlords to make use of the data to drive improvements. 

A sector-wide survey was completed by more than 250 landlords, and regional workshops have taken place to explore the findings. Significant resident consultation has also been undertaken, with close to 8,000 online responses received and six resident workshops hosted by TPAS throughout the country. This represents one of the largest resident consultation activities in recent years and the findings of these exercises will be shared in October.

A first-look at the recommendations for the updated methodology will be shared at HouseMark’s Housing Data and Analytics Summit on 1 October at Millennium Point, Birmingham. The draft proposals for the new framework will be shared with the sector in November.

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For more information about Star, please contact us.


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