Introducing Photobook, a new mobile app and web portal for the housing sector. Designed to make your every day easier with affordable solutions to real-time, instant inspection reporting.

Created with housing management and estates services teams in mind, the app can be used for a variety of inspections including repairs, mutual exchanges, voids, gas safety checks, tenancy health checks, vehicles, contractor works and much more!

You can now reduce time, streamline processes, work smarter and remove repetition with this paperless approach to carrying out inspections with an integrated Photobook feature.

Via the simple-to-use mobile app, your front-line colleagues can respond to inspection alerts, review their schedule of work and complete inspections.

Linked to a dedicated web portal, every inspection submitted on the app is sent immediately via a mobile network or Wi-Fi connection to those back at the office for action and allocation of follow-on works.

The app allows complete customisation to create the inspections you need in your teams, organisation and communities.

Create your own inspections templates, tailored to your unique needs:

Photobook is available to download on all major app stores and is compatible with all major smartphones and tablets.

To find out more or to book a demo, please contact us.


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