Photobook is an inspection and survey app and online portal that enables your teams to deliver any inspection, survey or questionnaire digitally.

You can use it to empower your front line and free up their time. With fully customisable, easy to complete digital forms your team will reduce repetition and remove paperwork, making your field force more effective and efficient.

Photobook also allows you to quickly create reports and back them up instantly with the ability to analyse data and create a range of dashboards to monitor performance.

Photobook is being used by more than 50 organisations across the housing sector, and has powered more than 175,000 inspections to date.

What our customers say... 

'We are extremely proud to have launched Photobook to our staff within two months of purchasing it, and we can really see the positive impact it has had on those who use it in their day-to-day role.'

Find out how Photobook is making #TeamPurple mobile at PA Housing

'Our Estates Management team has been able to readily access their inspection reports via the Photobook portal, which in turn has provided management with a better-informed understanding of trends and common challenges.'

Read more about North Lanarkshire Council's experience with Photobook 

'Photobook seemed like the perfect application to allow us to keep all our inspection paperwork in the one place and have it accessible at any time. All the data stored is owned by us and therefore keeps us compliant with our regulations.'

Learn more about how Castle Rock Edinvar are using Photobook  

To find out more or to book a free demo today, please contact us.


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