Photobook is mobile app and web platform that provides the social housing sector with an affordable solution to real-time, instant inspection reporting.

Photobook allows you to complete any report, survey, or inspection digitally – with instant PDF downloads. You can create your own digital forms or choose from an entire library of forms specifically designed by the Photobook community for the housing sector.

Photobook is being used by more than 50 organisations across the housing sector, and powered more than 250,000 inspections in 2020!

With Photobook, you will:

Increase productivity

-The app has been designed with your frontline teams in mind. Key features such as voice to text, an in-build photo capture and intuitive question selection makes it easier and quicker to capture information when out and about.

-Everything captured on the app is seamlessly transferred to the web platform where a PDF report can be created instantly. Removing duplication of work, this paperless solution allows teams to access information from site as soon as an inspection is completed.

Improve performance

-By rating your places with Photobook, you can identify estates and neighbourhoods that don’t meet your requirements – whether that’s issues with fly-tipping, graffiti, gardens, communal areas, car parks and more. With a consistent assessment, you can prioritise the areas that need the most attention, as well as track common problems or issues that might need a different preventative approach.

-The web platform presents performance dashboards, heat maps and RAG ratings to help you see trends in the type of reports, problem areas with high volume issues as well as comparisons between anticipated inspections and those actually carried out.

Free demonstrations with the team are available to find out more, please email

What our customers say... 

“Photobook has totally transformed how we deliver inspections. It saves us significant management time, but also gives us the evidence to improve standards and provide residents with transparent and accessible performance information. The ability to include photos in our reports is a great benefit."

Read more about how Nottingham City Homes reduced management time by 50%

“It’s like night and day the difference in how we carry out inspections since implementing Photobook... not only do we save time and hundreds of sheets of paper each month, we now have accessible information at our fingertips that we can use to pinpoint problematic sites and spot trends we could have previously missed."

Discover more about how Kingston Council are improving neighbourhood standards

'We are extremely proud to have launched Photobook to our staff within two months of purchasing it, and we can really see the positive impact it has had on those who use it in their day-to-day role.'

Find out how Photobook is making #TeamPurple mobile at PA Housing

'Our Estates Management team has been able to readily access their inspection reports via the Photobook portal, which in turn has provided management with a better-informed understanding of trends and common challenges.'

Read more about North Lanarkshire Council's experience with Photobook 

'Photobook seemed like the perfect application to allow us to keep all our inspection paperwork in the one place and have it accessible at any time. All the data stored is owned by us and therefore keeps us compliant with our regulations.'

Learn more about how Castle Rock Edinvar are using Photobook  

To find out more or to book a free demo today, please contact


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