Asset Management and Compliance Assessment – the new programme that allows you to enhance and improve costs, performance and compliance in your organisation.

At HouseMark, we know that asset management and repairs services see a significant area for spend for housing providers and, more recently, increased pressure to deliver and report upon compliance, efficiency and effectiveness.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that housing providers have access to up-to-date information to help them understand what level of performance and costs is being achieved and how each organisation compares to similar organisations.

Taking into consideration the changing environment, we have launched our new benchmarking programme, the Asset Management and Compliance Assessment.

Developed from our very successful Repairs Toolkit, this assessment highlights the main areas of the repairs and asset management function to allow housing organisations to see how they perform in relation to their peers.

This includes important new features such as compliance, servicing and planned works, as well as the more traditional responsive repairs and void works.

The assessment is delivered as an annual data analysis and comparison programme, designed to help providers understand their performance, costs and compliance of this important business area through analysis of key performance indicators. The analysis of each indicator then enables identification of causes and effects which can help shape strategic decision-making across the organisation.

As part of the assessment programme, providers benefit from:

The new Asset Management and Compliance Assessment is personalised, easy-to-use and covers a greater range of performance indicators than the previous Repairs Toolkit. Significant improvements have been made which will see all customers access relevant asset, repairs and compliance data without the need invest significant in-house resource.

To take part in this year’s new Assessment programme and join HouseMark and your peers from across the housing sector, please contact us at The cost of the service is £5,000 per organisation.


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