Asset Management and Compliance Assessment – Go from good to great with data insights and tailored action planning.

The Assessment is a performance improvement and action planning tool that uses detailed data across assets, repairs and asset-related compliance areas to compare performance amongst participants, identify trends and uncover areas for improvement, enabling your organisation to continue to improve, year on year.

It is designed to help you understand your performance, costs and compliance of this important business area through analysis of key performance indicators, providing a comprehensive assessment of the asset and repairs services, using comparison to contextualise performance and identify areas for action based on potential savings.

Designed by a team of asset and data experts, the Assessment covers all areas of significant spend across the asset service, enabling your organisation to continue to raise quality and satisfaction which deliver enhanced value for money through cost saving and efficiencies.

As part of the assessment programme, providers benefit from:

View our Asset Management and Compliance Assessment flyer

To take part in this year’s Assessment programme and join HouseMark and your peers from across the housing sector, please contact us at The cost of the service is £5,000 per organisation for HouseMark members.


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