Gain assurance, evidence performance and demonstrate how you make a difference with Housemark's health checks and accreditations

Our accreditations and health checks offer an independent review of your anti-social behaviour (ASB) and complaints services. They provide a second pair of eyes to highlight where you excel and suggest areas to improve. We apply a consistent methodology, independently assess and stimulate continuous improvement. Each accreditation is valid for three years.

Find out more:

ASB health check factsheet

ASB accreditation factsheet

Complaints health check factsheet

Complaints accreditation factsheet

Customer case studies


“It is important to our board that they receive assurance about both the performance of our services and the value for money they deliver, so to receive an independent assessment against sector-wide best practice helps us to “ deliver this.”  Read more from LHP about their recent ASB health check here.

"It’s important for us that we effectively manage expectations and deliver on what we say we will do. The accreditation provides a fantastic framework to make sure this happens, with everybody involved in our ASB response clear on what we are trying to achieve." Read more from ForHousing about their recent ASB accreditation here.

For more information about our health checks and accreditations, please contact us.


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