Evidence-based decision-making sounds straight forward. Innovations backed up by data, ideas that stem from solid insights, investments made on trusted information.

But for whatever reason, creating a strong data-driven culture remains elusive for most of us. At our upcoming event ‘Creating a data-driven culture – why it matters and how you can make it happen’ on 30 September, we’ll investigate the ingredients required to create a culture with data at its heart, with tangible takeaways you can put into action right away.

Ahead of the event, here are the top five things you can do today to create a data-driven culture in your organisation:

  1. Engage with everyone! Even those data sceptics! They can sometimes ask the best questions to help interrogate your findings. Do you know who they are in your organisation and are they engaged?
  2. Evidence how you have used data to make decisions. It provides the a strong starting point for what you know now, where the gaps might be and helps everyone challenge their gut or intuition.  Do you currently present evidence alongside the decisions they have made?
  3. Share the insight. A good indicator that you’re on your way to embedding a data-driven culture is when colleagues start to challenge each other. Consider how you can create opportunities for this to happen, particularly in a predominantly virtual world.
  4. The culture you want to embed should be reflected in your vision and values. Is a commitment to data-based decision making part of yours? Consider how you can include this commitment if the answer is currently no.
  5. Test your own data maturity.

Join us on Tuesday, 30 September to discuss culture change with our expert panel and feel inspired about what it could mean for your organisation. Our fantastic speaker line up includes:

Mike Rose
Behavioural, Cultural and Structural Change Data Expert, Mike Rose Consulting
Umbar Shakir
Client Director and Digital and Data Lead, Gate One
Claire Bayliss
Director, 3C Consultants