10 Days of Data is back and bigger for 2021! Our flagship event series is the must-attend data event for the social housing sector, and this year we have additional fringe events which will dive deeper into the potential of data analytics and insights for your business. As the Edinburgh Fringe comes to an end, this is another fringe that should be firmly in your calendars!

Available exclusively to 10 Days of Data organisation passport holders, each event will explore innovative product and service solutions to unlock maximum value from your data. Each bitesize 60-minute event will include housing related examples and case studies, demos, tangible takeaways and exclusive learning to showcase what’s new and available to the housing sector and how you can make a difference to your organisation.

Discover our 2021 line up to see why shouldn’t miss out below:

Orange Cyberdefense/Varonis 28 September 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Defend your data!

Orange Cyberdefense and Varonis work together to help organisations protect their data, with a focus on the important topic of ransomware. Protecting data is vital to not only prevent hefty fines but to keep a valuable asset – your customer’s trust!

They’ll be taking you through the underground world of how ransomware gangs operate, how an attack works and how to defend against it. Learn common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that will help you prepare for, detect and prevent an attack, and see a step-by-step attack simulation in action! With best practice examples, solutions and key takeaways to help you better understand where your organisation is at and what steps you need to take to defend your data.

Upland Rant & Rave        September 29     2:00pm – 3pm

Transform your customer service operations

Join Rant and Rave to discover how they have helped social landlords enhance their customer service by reducing call centre volumes and enhanced customer care – all through the power of turning data insights and analysis into action.

Switchee       September 30         2.00pm – 3.00pm

Improve the lives of your tenants

Switchee is one of the leading organisations in the remote capture and analysis of real time data to social landlords in the UK. Their purpose is to improve the lives of people living in rented homes and to demonstrate the positive impact their data has on landlord processes, prioritisation, proactivity and for their residents. Join us at this Innovation Showcase event to discover how Switchee uses real-time analytics and insights to help the social housing sector manage and maintain their properties more effectively.

FUZZLAB     October 6      2:00 pm – 3:00pm

Make life easier for your customers

FUZZLAB helps social landlords to automate and streamline customer service through their chatbots. These chatbots integrate with your housing management systems to give your customers self-service capability that really reduces call volumes – all through an automated, simple to use chat window. Discover how you can improve your customer service offering, reduce your operational costs, and make life easier for tenants.

Foundry4    October 7      2:00pm –3:00pm

Digital Transformation

Join us at this Innovation Showcase event to keep up to date with the latest thinking. Deepen your understanding of digital transformation and learn how Foundry4 can help you solve complex data challenges, understand the benefits of Intelligent Automation, and support you and your organisation to unlock potential technology solutions to deliver transformative change with precision and pace.

3C      October    12    2:00- 3:00pm

Transform your organisation

3C is the headline sponsor for our 10 Days of Data flagship event series. They provide a comprehensive range of data centric services to support organisations to capitalise on one of their most valuable assets, the data they hold.

Join us at this Innovation Showcase event to hear recent sector case studies and gain insight into how 3C can help guide your organisation through the stages of effective data governance, ensuring compliance to help you make agile, data-driven decisions that support your customers and communities in a post-Covid world.

Fringe Benefits

You’ll leave feeling inspired about how you can make a difference to your people, customers and organisation by understanding how to turn data insights into action. With a range of insightful sector case studies, you can draw on some real-life examples of how to also utilise technology to ultimately improve the lives of your residents.

Our Innovation Showcase is exclusively available to 10 Days of Data organisation passport holders. Organisation passports give two members of staff from each organisation access to each event within the 10 Days of Data series (20 places in total) along with unlimited access to our additional fringe events. Contact siobahan.kilby@housemark.co.uk to secure your passport today and gain access to the whole 10 Days of Data series.