When the pandemic hit almost 18 months ago, the sector already had a full plate. The expected publication of the Social Housing White Paper, changes to building safety regulation and the challenges of zero-carbon were amongst the complex agendas being navigated by boards and executives.

The crisis has changed the shape of services delivered by housing providers – triggered by lockdown initially, we have seen landlords taking stock and reimaging what services should look like for the future.

As leaders responded it was crucial to understand the implications of decisions, the impact of the unfolding crisis and the correlation between activity, performance and outcomes. Big strategic decisions have been led by data, and we’ve seen the role it plays at the top table to shine a light on what matters become increasingly important.

What are the key things leaders should be considering now?

Data quality and streamlined systems
Ask yourself, how “good” is the data being presented to you? Do you trust it enough to make decisions? And evidence these decisions to regulators and other stakeholders?
There should be clear procedures in place for data capture that facilitate learning and ensure a consistent approach, as well as avoid duplication. Take steps to improving your data quality.

Make sure you can access the data you need
Managing top sector risks is dependent on data. As a leader, make sure you’re receiving enough of the information you need to challenge and interrogate proposals and performance.

Commit to investing in skills and tools
So, the leadership team has committed to becoming a data-driven organisation, but do you recognise the investment in skills and tools required to make this a reality? Identify what is needed and demonstrate the willingness to invest.

Balance your time appropriately
Balance high-level dashboards that display an overview of business health with spotlight sessions that provide a deep-dive on an improvement area. This will help manage time with Boards effectively and provide focus at every meeting.

Whether it’s help to shape your strategy, develop your data maturity, build a business case for change, or transform your culture, Housemark’s expert partners provide support and capacity to boost your in-house capabilities. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can work together to make a difference.