A little bit about me…. As Chair of the Housemark Customer Experience Club, I have over 30 years’ experience of running, advising and transforming businesses, working with organisations as diverse as Ford Motor Company, the TUC and the Ministry of Defence as well as dozens of social housing organisations, always focussing on understanding and meeting customers’ needs.

What is Housemark’s Customer Experience Club?

The Customer Experience Club is a forum for sharing good practice regarding all things customer. From measuring satisfaction through employee engagement and process improvement to digitisation. Three times a year we meet online for a full morning to hear from expert speakers and hold discussion groups on specific aspects of customer experience.

Most popular are housing managers who share their stories of successful transformation – describing their vision, the barriers they overcame, their grand strategies and their top tips. Warts and all! The Club is a supportive forum where you can feel comfortable to share your ideas, challenges and best practice with peers from the housing sector.

Feedback from members has always been excellent and our annual retention rate is over 90%.

“Presentations were excellent and provided a great insight from different angles of customer service”. Fiona Smith, Executive Office Manager, Queens Cross Housing Association

We love to hear about innovations from housing associations, state of the art thinking from subject matter experts and how private sector businesses, from florists to hoteliers, keep their customers happy.

Above all, the Club recognises the multi-disciplinary nature of customer experience and the challenge of co-ordinating the many different teams and functions which strive to come together to create a seamless journey for their customers.

Why is the Customer Experience Club so important?

In preparation for strengthened consumer regulation, landlords are continuing to focus on the service delivered to residents. Directly strengthening engagement with residents, delivering a first-class service every day, and directly addressing proposals are key themes across the sector.

Yet, regulation isn’t the only reason to make sure you prioritise customer service. Customer expectations have evolved, and tenants expect a tailored service delivery from their landlord that considers their circumstances and preferences.

When does the Club meet?

The Club meets virtually three times a year, which means wherever you are you can attend easily. Our first Club meeting this year is on the 17th March. Each session includes a mix of presentations plus the opportunity to talk to your peers in breakout groups.

You’ll also get access to a Club briefing before each meeting to keep you in the loop with latest articles that are current and topical so you’re always kept up to date with everything customer experience related.

How can I join?

If you’d like to find out more about the Customer Experience Club, you can discover more on our website here. To join the Club before the March meeting contact helen.brownlee@housemark.co.uk