Housemark’s flagship 10 Days of Data is back for another year and our first preview programme has just been released. Over 10 days, 90-minute bite-sized talks jam packed full of information will explore the value of data across your business.

We will be bringing together inspiring content from housing thought leaders, so you can learn how to use data to tackle the challenges you are facing today. Together with some exciting speakers from top organisations including Formula 1 and Gymshark, we’ll be discussing how they’ve used data to become billion-pound businesses and make a difference for their customers. 

Tickets are available now with more than 800 people already signed up to join us!  

Data is relevant now more than ever. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen the government focus on “data not dates” and decisions about how we can live our lives safely have been led by the data. 

Over 10 days, we will show you how data can make a difference to your organisation. Each theme is topical and relevant and can help your business navigate through its current challenges. From understanding how to ensure your data is secure in a new remote working world, to how it can be used to help with your sustainability strategy, which is a key focus in the social housing white paper.  

Discover our 10 Days of Data programme here:  

  • Why data matters – Formula 1 keynote speaker Neil Martin discusses the importance of data 
  • Data security now – how remote working is rewriting the rules In this session, we take a closer look at what you should be aware of when remote working and what you can do to minimise impact and mitigate risks to your data security. 
  • Unlocking the potential of customer data – In this event, we reveal the power that customer data can bring to your business as we hear from leading voices from both in and out of sector. 
  • Creating a data-driven culture – why it matters and how you can make it happen At this event, we investigate the ingredients required to create a culture with data at its heart, with tangible takeaways you can put into action right away 
  • Next generation innovation – the role of data technology in transformation In this session we discuss the role of data technology in shaping business transformation and explore the future tech trends that are driving forward the data agenda. 
  • Why your performance reporting framework is key to improvements. In this insightful session, we’ll share the principles of successful performance reporting frameworks with some practical advice on how to improve your approach and organisational outcomes. 
  • Data for good? Exploring the ethics of data science Join leading experts as we explore the importance of data ethics and the innovative best practice of responsible technology. 
  • Analytics and the environment – the role of data in tackling climate change and sustainability In this session we explore how data analytics can help us implement ESG and sustainability strategies 
  • Back to the future – predictive analytics in practice At this event, we aim to bring the concept to life by providing examples of predictive analytics in practice 
  • Knowledge in the age of Big Data We will delve into what big data is and put data science into real life context. 

This exciting event series will leave you feeling enlightened about the value of data and the potential to use it within your business to drive decisions and ultimately make a difference to the lives of your customers, your people, and your business.  

Places for each event start from £60+ VAT, available to book via Eventbrite using the links above.

Organisation passports* are available now from only £455 + VAT (for Housemark members), offering the best value. Contact to secure your passport today and explore the value of data across your business.

*An organisation passport secures two places at each event, 20 places in total for your organisation (including keynote sessions) and additional fringe events to be announced.