Housemark’s Housing Data and Analytics Summit on 9 November will feature a range of in and out of sector data experts speaking on a variety of topics.

With just ten days to go until our Summit, this week we’re thrilled to introduce Natalie Tuer, Head of Product and Jack Pawson, Senior Data Scientist at Mobysoft – our breakout room sponsor.

Natalie and Jack will lead a breakout session on ‘How to introduce AI & Machine Learning ethically to your organisation to optimise actionable data insights.’ AI is revolutionising many aspects of our lives, including how landlords provide services to tenants. However, there are ethical implications to consider, including potential for bias and discrimination based on the data used. Mobysoft will discuss frameworks for introducing AI and mitigating these data risks as well highlighting how AI is helping resolve the damp and mould challenges and how landlords support tenants paying their rent.

Get to know Natalie Tuer

Natalie has a background in product management at fast-growing tech companies.

Natalie is head of product for RepairSense and is responsible for the product roadmap for the AI platform. Natalie works alongside the development and data science teams to ensure the RepairSense platform is continually iterated and improved from customer feedback.

She has been working on research and development of novelty systems and technology to measure and monitor the environmental conditions. Her work supports building survey inspections of residential buildings and helps householders having a more resilient social housing with better indoor air quality living environments.

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Get to know Jack Pawson

Jack has been with Mobysoft for around three years and is now Senior Data Scientist, he works closely with product and development teams for RepairSense.

Jack’s role focuses on working with the largest dataset in social housing for repairs, and he utilises a wide range of technology including Artificial Intelligence to test models across our dataset and incorporate them into the platform.

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Learn from and be inspired by Natalie, Jack and other speakers, network with peers and explore the value and potential data can bring to your organisation – Be quick to secure your tickets – ticket sale ends Friday 3 November at 3pm-  book your places now.

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