Having access to data insights is more important than ever for social landlords, particularly when currently faced with a range of conflicting challenges driven by legislation, contextual factors including Brexit, the cost-of-living crisis and the remnants of the pandemic. 

Data can help you to understand how you’re performing, uncover how to improve business processes, reduce overheads and ultimately, save you time and money. But this shouldn’t be left to the data specialists within your business – everyone should be able to handle data comfortably and feel confident in using it.   

A good place to start is ensuring your people have the skills and tools to access, use and interpret data – how to make sense of the numbers, spot the trends and turn digits into stories.  Empowering your people to be able to use data within their roles and interpret it confidently will ensure your people, organisation and customers can benefit from the power of data.  

No matter where you are on your data journey, Housemark has training courses for all levels and abilities to help you to feel confident using data. Housemark’s 2023 Training Programme is designed specifically for housing professionals, with courses delivered by our housing and data experts. All courses are based on real social housing data and include active participation and discussion of current analytical topics and challenges. 

What courses we offer 

Our Excel programme is designed as a three part programme, however we also welcome participants who fulfil the necessary requirements onto individual courses, so you can choose the right course for you – from part one (fundamentals) for beginners, through to building on your existing skills in part two (essentials) and part three (advanced analytics). 

Microsoft Power BI is data visualisation software that can help bring data to life and reveals the stories behind the numbers – via live data dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs, and more. Our Power BI programme is also designed as a full three-part programme taking you from the basics through to advanced level; however, we also welcome participants who fulfil the necessary requirements onto individual courses.  

Courses are delivered online over one or two half days and are designed for maximum participation, including presentations, group and individual exercises, and discussions.  

We can also offer dedicated training for your organisation depending on your needs– either online or on your premises – talk to us to find out more.  

How to Join 

For more information, download our training programme brochure or find out more and book here. If you have any questions, contact rose.buckle@housemark.co.uk.