ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting is a global initiative that helps investors, customers and wider stakeholders understand the impact a business has on the environment, how it benefits society and how its governance structures ensure transparency about risks and opportunities.​

For UK social housing, ESG reporting has developed into a consistent set of measures laid out in the Sustainability Reporting Standard (SRS). This voluntary reporting framework covers 48 quantitative and qualitative criteria across ESG categories. Adopters of the Standard pledge to make their report publicly available, usually on their organisation’s website.​

In April 2022, Housemark adopted 23 quantitative SRS measures alongside existing annual performance measures, which are available for members to compare using our online reporting tools. We have captured data published by 112 landlords, including all early adopters of the SRS, into a set of comparable results for the sector’s first 2021/22 ESG benchmarking report.​


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