Access the COVID-19 Impact Monitoring Executive Summaries

Since the start of the pandemic, Housemark has been tracking the impact and results monthly to help the sector quantify and contextualise performance. We have now provided a full 13 months of COVID-19 impact analysis to enable boards and executives to make evidence-based decisions in their response.

You can download all the executive summaries below.

So, what’s next? Introducing Monthly Pulse

Our new Monthly Pulse report will keep you connected to sector trends with on time insight set in ‘of the moment’ context.

Essential reading to ensure you keep pace with sector performance, monthly reports will use concise metrics to provide analysis of up-to-the-minute sector trends, evidence what’s driving performance and contextualise how sector policy and practice is evolving. Available exclusively to participating Housemark members, don’t miss out on this vital performance management tool for every data-driven business. Find out more here or contact us.