Romance, roses, cakes, candles, and cards – whether you like it or not, it’s hard to deny that this time of year, the ‘L’ word is almost on everyone’s lips.

And whilst most of you will be sharing the love with friends and family, it’ll come as no surprise that our heart belongs to data (and dogs, but that’s a whole different blog…) 

With love in the air, we’ve decided to share those feel-good vibes and let you know about all the positive things data can do for you. 

1. Data can help you through the difficult times  

Having good quality data – just like a best friend – can help you to navigate through those tricky times in life and work. By identifying trends, patterns, and forecasting, it can help you decide which direction you should take. 

During the pandemic, we launched our Monthly Pulse – a monthly report for members that provides a summary of key performance indicators for the social housing sector. We’ve found that having a monthly ‘check in’ on sector-wide performance has helped landlords take comfort in their own performance position and provide on-time evidence that’s supporting in-year decision making. 

From customer satisfaction to staff sickness, find out more about our monthly pulse reports here. 

2. You can rely on data to move your business forward 

 If you have good quality data, you can rely on it to help your organisation be the best it can be and tackle those big decisions with confidence.  

By tracking a wealth of data over time, you can review key trends and make predictions around resources, investments and more. We know that this longer-term view is essential to providing evidence around for trade-off decisions. 

Having this clear insight into business performance and sector predictions, can help you to make effective business decisions when you know what’s on the horizon. Check out our monthly pulse reports to kick-start your future planning processes. 

3. Data always lets you know where you stand 

Data tells your business story and builds up a picture of where you’re at and where you could be headed. Data lets you know where you stand now, what the potential could look like, and where improvements can be made.   

Comparison analysis provides the context you need to really understand the art of the possible – and importantly, how you get there. Are you spending too much? Are you under-resourced? Why do those performance positions look low, but your customer satisfaction is great? 

We’d say we’re a match made in heaven when it comes to things like this, and together we work to understand answer these key questions around what’s driving your performance position, and where you need to focus to truly reach your potential. 

4. The benefits of using data are endless but a good relationship with data needs to be built on trust  

Any great relationship needs to be built on trust, so now is a good time to reflect upon how much do you trust the quality of your data.  

To realise the benefits above, understanding and trusting the information in front of you is key. We work hard to validate our data (we have a robust three-step process) to make sure you access accurate and reliable comparisons – and we can help in other ways too.  

We’ll always recommend you keep talking to your colleagues. Like any relationship, communication is essential. Break down those silos and create collaborative approaches to capturing, updating and analysing data.  

Need a helping hand? Let us know and we can give you advice and guidance about how to boost your data quality! 

So whether you’re tackling a first date with data, or need to rekindle the romance, we’re here to help. If you’re a Housemark member, get in touch – we’re happy to offer advice and guidance as part of your membership package. Contact us today on