Data Skills Training Packages

At HouseMark, we know data provides the perfect platform for performance improvement; identifying areas for change and action so that you can build an even better business. But you need to know both what to look for, diving deeper into the drivers and trends to really uncover the true potential data holds, and be able to use the right tools for the job.

This is where our data skills training packages are here to help. Delivered through workshops in and outside of your organisation and designed especially for the housing sector, our training packages see us support data upskilling in your organisation across all data maturity levels. They are delivered in partnership with Musgrave Analytics, a specialist data analytics and visualisation company.

We are now running four different courses that are all designed to help the business intelligence teams monitor and analysis performance. We have recently developed a couple of new courses in PowerBI, to help any organisation make better use of the latest Microsoft BI tool, which is often included in existing software environments.

In the summer/autumn we will be delivering the following courses online via Zoom.

Housing Analytics – delivering great performance insights for your business

Using the right techniques to analyse data and being able to provide clear and compelling evidence and explanations about current performance are becoming essential skills in the sector. Enhance your skills in analytical methods, data presentation, and telling the performance story to understand and explain what is happening and why.

This course will cover:  

For this course we assume a solid grasp of Excel, including the ability to create formulae and charts and ideally a working knowledge of pivot tables. We will use the Excel add-in Data Analysis Toolkit and also introduce examples of reports and dashboards in PowerBI.

Places cost £375 + VAT per person for HouseMark members.

Book for the 2/3 September Housing Analytics Training

PowerBI I – using Power BI desktop to create reports and dashboards

Microsoft Power BI has rapidly become the ‘go to’ tool for business intelligence, not least because of its widespread availability within most IT environments. This course will demonstrate and teach the methods and skills needed in order to take advantage of Power BI. We will use real housing examples to show how to present data effectively to all levels of staff.

This course will cover:  

For this workshop we assume a solid grasp of data analysis skills, typically a good understanding of Excel. The Housing Analytics course will provide an excellent introduction to the type of skills needed to make a success of Power BI. It is suitable for directors, managers and analysts, in fact anyone who wants to understand how to exploit Power BI to use their data more effectively.

Places cost £375 + VAT per person for HouseMark members.

Book for the 25/26 August Power BI Training

Book for the 29/30 September Power BI Training

If you have any questions, or would like to register interest in one of the sessions, please contact

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By Natalia Karska

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