The HouseMark Scotland Advisory Board was formed in October 2015.  It consists of nine member organisations, comprising four local authorities and five housing associations, along with CIH Scotland representing HouseMark’s shareholding parent organisation CIH. 

The Advisory Board meets four times a year and has a direct link to HouseMark’s Board through the position of Scotland Advisor, which is currently fulfilled by Craig Stirrat.  

Craig Stirrat, Director of Business Development, Grampian Housing Association

Helen Murdoch, Chief Executive, Hanover Scotland Housing Association

Lorraine Usher, Chief Executive, Loreburn Housing Association

Clare Mailer, Senior Service Manager, Perth and Kinross Council

Neil Manley, Director of Finance and Business Strategy, Queens Cross Housing Association

Kevin Scarlett, Chief Executive, River Clyde Homes

Annette Finnan, Head of Area Services, Housing and Technical Resources, South Lanarkshire Council

Rob Simpson, Head of Housing, Aberdeenshire Council



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