Scottish landlords show commitment to efficiency, transparency and accountability in 2019 Sector Scorecard

The 2019 Scottish Sector Scorecard analysis report has been published today (Friday 29 November). In a process led by the Haymarket Group and facilitated by HouseMark Scotland, the Sector Scorecard collected data for 15 high-level KPIs which measure business costs and performance along with tenant satisfaction.

The report outlines the results for 34 Scottish housing associations owning over 100,000 homes – around one third of the sector’s stock. The results will also be included in the UK wide Sector Scorecard report due to be published in December.

Headline findings include:

Lorraine Usher, Chief Executive, Loreburn Housing Association said: “The housing associations participating in the Sector Scorecard are willing to be transparent about our efficiency, performance and outcomes for tenants. We believe it is vital to demonstrate to our tenants, other stakeholders and SHR that we are properly managing our resources. It is one of a range of tools that can be used in internal assessments of compliance with the new regulatory standards to provide assurance. This compliance ensures that we are well governed and are financially sustainable to minimise rent and service charge increases and maximise efficiency and effectiveness. We extend our thanks to all housing associations who participated.”

Head of HouseMark Scotland Kirsty Wells added: “The Sector Scorecard demonstrates that the housing association sector in Scotland is committed to efficiency, transparency and accountability. With measures covering financial viability as well as delivery and outcomes, the Scorecard covers the wide remit that housing associations have in the community and the economy.

“HouseMark Scotland is pleased to support the sector to evidence its performance position to stakeholders and ensure good governance and financial stability to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.”

Download the 2019 Scottish Sector Scorecard analysis report here.

By Emily Dixon

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