Transparency and Trust

HouseMark, one of the largest member communities for social housing in the UK, has partnered with Anthony Collins Solicitors to jointly publish a comprehensive guide to data protection and privacy, designed specifically for the sector.

The guide, titled Transparency and Trust: A guide to data protection and privacy for social landlords and tenants is being launched today (30 January) at the first of many events aimed at explaining the roles, responsibilities and legal and regulatory obligations aligned to collecting, using and storing personal data in the social housing sector. 

Working together, along with Amicus Horizon housing association, who sponsored the publication, HouseMark and Anthony Collins Solicitors have produced the guide to explain, in simple terms, the law and guidance on data protection and privacy.

The guide will support landlords to:

The guide will assist tenants by providing clear information about their rights in relation to the protection of their privacy.

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Arturo Dell, Director of Product Development and data protection lead for HouseMark said:

“We know many of our members across the sector see the benefit of collecting and analysing customer data in order to improve their services and plan for the future. With the advancements in technology and the era and impact of ‘big data,’ it is becoming easier than ever to capture personal data.

“As more and more data is collected, social landlords need to ensure they have robust systems and processes that protect privacy in line with the Data Protection Act. This publication provides a detailed source of reference and resource for the sector, giving them the peace of mind that they have the appropriate measures in place.” 

Jane Burns, solicitor at Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP said: “The theme of this publication is ‘transparency and trust’, the former being a central tenet of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will come into force in May 2018, bringing data protection law into alignment with the new digital age – and introducing significantly higher fines for breaches. 

Rather than providing a definitive legal guide to data protection, this publication provides social landlords with guidance on the basics of compliance under the current law, much of which is carried across into the GDPR. It explains how to ensure that tenants’ data is processed in a secure but transparent manner in order to provide a firm foundation upon which to build the enhanced accountability framework required under the GDPR. This, in turn, can only enhance the relationship of trust with tenants by providing assurance to them that their personal information is being processed in accordance with their legal rights.” 

AmicusHorizon sponsored the publication. Jane Porter, Executive Director, Operations from AmicusHorizon said: “We are collecting more and more data about our customers and need to build their trust that we are managing and using it correctly.  The guide will help social landlords and their residents go beyond compliance to achieve best practice.” 

Notes to Editors:

HouseMark is the leading provider of executive insight and business performance services for social landlords and housing organisations in the UK.

The company offer a range of products and services which support business improvement, innovation and access to both in and out of sector insight and intelligence. 

HouseMark is jointly owned by the Chartered Institute of Housing and the National Housing Federation and works with social housing organisations across the UK. 

Founded in Birmingham in 1973 by Anthony Collins, with the aim of establishing a law firm to serve individuals and the community, Anthony Collins Solicitors has a clear purpose of improving lives, communities and society.  The firm provides those working to improve society with practical long-term solutions. Its team of experts are passionate advocates for positive social change that supports and protects the vulnerable.

With a turnover of £15.6m, Anthony Collins Solicitors is nationally recognised as delivering accessible and pragmatic legal advice to its specialist sectors of Health and Social Care, Education, Housing, Charities, Local Government, Social Business and legal services for individuals. 

For further information, please contact:

Elaine Middleton, Head of Communications and Marketing on 024 7646 0500 or email


By Nisha Shouan

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