Supporting business improvement – HouseMark Data Offer 2019 now available

Our purpose is to enable our customers to build even better businesses and achieve outstanding performance. In the coming year it will be more important than ever for housing providers to harness performance information and data insights effectively. Comparison and analysis are integral in making value-based assessments of costs, resourcing and performance in an increasingly complex environment. 

Recognising this, the data offer for 2019 provides a wide range of additional features to make inputting and assessing of data easier, smarter and more flexible, enabling organisations to tailor the system to their needs. In addition, our team of data experts is always on hand to provide expertise and support, ensuring all customers get the most out of their membership.  

Our Data Offer provides: 

 What’s new for 2019?  

More information about this year’s data offer, including a timetable of key dates for data submission can be found here.

 If you’d like to discuss your membership, or if you’re interested in joining HouseMark, please contact us. 

By Harry Kanda

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