Sector leading inspection solution hits 800 user milestone!

Since the official launch of HouseMark’s Photobook app and portal in late 2016, the online inspection solution has gone from strength the strength. Due to the flexibility and accessible nature of Photobook, there are now over 800 users across the UK, all able to create bespoke templates and reporting in line with their individual organisation’s ambitions.

The success of the app and portal is, in part, due to the affordable pricing and ease of use. No need for weeks of training, or specialist in-house teams, existing frontline colleagues are easily adopting Photobook to streamline their inspection processes, saving time and duplication of work.

So why are so many using Photobook?

As the users grow, the solution develops with many more features now in place since the launch. Current users have led these changes, giving feedback and sharing ideas to ensure Photobook continues to improve the way they work. Coming together twice a year, a user day sees sharing of best practice, an opportunity to give feedback directly to the developers and a platform for new ideas and recommendations.

If you’d like to find out what Photobook could do for you, please contact us at, or call us on 024 7646 0500 to find out more.

By Elaine Middleton

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