Sector income hit as month two HouseMark COVID-19 impact data released

HouseMark has today (Thursday 28 May) shared the results from month two of our sector-wide COVID-19 impact analysis. The membership-exclusive report is the first to reveal the effect of COVID-19 on the sector during the April ‘peak’ of the pandemic, providing critical insights to understand the ongoing impact and prioritise action to support recovery.

Evidencing the impact of the first full month of lockdown measures on landlords across the UK, the findings show that the COVID-19 crisis is starting to bite with an estimated £100 million of additional arrears since lockdown began and lettings activity down 77%.

Access the executive summary here


Talking about the latest report, HouseMark Chief Executive Laurice Ponting said: “HouseMark’s analysis is the first to quantify the effect of the pandemic across the UK housing sector and we are now seeing the significant impact of the crisis emerging.

“COVID-19 is not happening in isolation but is one of many complex factors influencing the choices of boards and executives; external, unbiased evidence is crucial to effective decision-making. This is why we are providing this impact analysis, along with our bespoke forecasting tools, to help landlords understand the impact on operations and income now, forecast what the future repercussions might be, and act on the evidence to prioritise recovery activity and secure the well-being of their residents, employees and their businesses.”

The full report, including detailed analysis and best practice from landlords across the UK, is exclusively available to participating organisations. Organisations interested in participating in the May impact assessment should contact or visit our COVID-19 Impact Monitoring page. 

*Infographic updated 1 June 2020

By Emily Dixon

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