PM Theresa May’s green paper announcement: HouseMark welcomes strengthened consumer regulation

Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 26 June) Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the timetable and action plan for implementing wide ranging reforms in social housing will be published in September. Speaking at the CIH Housing Conference, May confirmed that these will include the creation of a ‘stronger consumer regulation regime’ for social housing that will ‘enhance tenants’ rights and make it easier to enforce them’. HouseMark welcomes this renewed commitment to strengthened consumer regulation.

Talking about the announcement, HouseMark Chief Executive Laurice Ponting said: "Over the last few months, we have been working with representatives from across the social housing sector to develop solutions to some of the challenges set out in the green paper.  With this change to regulation anticipated, we have been clear about the need for meaningful and consistent metrics to support it. True like-for-like comparison across the sector enables landlords to drive improvements for tenants.   With our membership base well represented on this group, our focus has been on ensuring that recommendations are transparent, practical and geared towards meaningful engagement with residents.  The latest stage of this work is the review of our STAR methodology to ensure it uses best practice and latest innovations from both in and out-of-sector. We now have more than 200 social landlords involved, so we will be well-placed to make sure that STAR reflects the latest sector thinking.

"We are continuing to work with our members, government and regulatory bodies as well as our partners to support the sector with the tools and solutions required to deliver the wide-ranging reforms promised yesterday, and we know from the work we are doing with proactive landlords that the sector is also gearing up to deliver the change."


By Emily Dixon

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