New data entry system launches April

As part of a long-term project to improve our benchmarking systems, we have upgraded our data entry system. The new system allows you to customise the amount of data you collect for benchmarking, which means you can concentrate on the areas that matter to you and your organisation most.   

From April, the system will be available for you to set your benchmarking preferences and submit quarterly performance figures. 

The main changes you will see when you access the new system are:

At the end of May, the following sections will go live for data entry:


The opening of these sections will coincide with the launch of our new Learning Management System, featuring e-learning courses for benchmarking users. These interactive online courses will take you through the whole benchmarking process in easy-to-follow modules. 

For further information, please contact our Data Services team 024 7647 2707 or

John Wickenden
Data analysis manager

By John Wickendon

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