New and improved data offer for 2017

At HouseMark we recognise that the sector is changing. From changes in policy and regulation, to an increasing emphasis on board accountability and transparency, we know, and understand, the impact, the challenges, as well as the opportunities change can bring. 

This is why we are changing too. We are responding to a sector that is diversifying and innovating. We see real opportunities to work with housing organisations to offer more bespoke and tailored services to support them through change, improvement and transformation. 

With over 18 years of housing data and access to a wide range of curated open data sets, we have a wealth of insights that our members can use to better understand their business, evidence decision-making and uncover new ways of working. 

Our members are telling us that now, more than ever, there is a real requirement to balance social purpose with commercial ambition. HouseMark can support organisations to use data to provide actionable insight which supports evidence based decision making, ensuring that resources are used in an optimal way – aligned with organisational priorities: targeting areas which are ripe for efficiency savings and performance improvement. 

Our new strategic data offer is just one of the ways we are complementing our granular core comparison service to provide members with more choice and flexibility around how they see and use their data to drive performance improvements. 

There are three new services for members within the strategic data offer. These are:

Global accounts comparison – live this June for housing associations

Providing high level strategic outputs, our new tool enables you to compare online with the peers of your choice: 

Trend analysis

A bespoke service that allows you to support business modelling and strategic decision making through analysing year on year trend data. Use trend analysis to: 

Executive dashboard

Your executive dashboard enables you to select the key high level metrics you need to run the business, such as:

HouseMark hold a broad range of data to support your decision-making ranging from high level strategic measures through to detailed operational analysis sourced from: 

Our breadth of data and insight are all complemented by our new strategic bespoke performance clubs. At these meetings, you will benefit from a data-focussed discussion shaped by your priorities. As part of your membership, HouseMark data experts can also attend an existing group or meeting to help you understand your data and, for example, unpick the differences within your unit costs. 

To find out more about any of these services, please contact us

In addition to our new data offer, read about the significant improvements we've made to this year’s core benchmarking.

By Nisha Shouan

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