Month six HouseMark COVID-19 impact data published

HouseMark remains the only UK organisation monitoring and forecasting the impact of these unprecedented times on the social housing sector. As the largest UK-wide network of social housing organisations and the leading data-driven solutions provider for the sector, we take our responsibility to our members seriously. Only with HouseMark can you access this essential level of analysis.

Now in month six, our analysis illustrates the challenges the sector faces, the journey it has been on and some of the emerging patterns in recovery and reimagination.

Headline findings include:


We estimate that new supply will be down around 20% on previous years – which equates to around 10,000 fewer properties.


Around two-thirds (63%) of landlords feel that productivity has stayed the same or increased with staff working remotely.


Arrears increased by 1.8% over August – while the increase is modest, it indicates that many landlords are still struggling with rent collection during a time when the economy was starting to open up and COVID-19 infection rates were comparatively low.


Lettings activity is now close to what we’d expect under normal circumstances however the number of empty properties increased to almost 1%. We estimate that the increase in vacancy rates is costing the sector around £7.5 million each month in lost rental income.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Despite summer holidays normally being a busy period for ASB teams, the results for August show a reduction in the number of new cases of 15% from July. Although, cases are still 26% higher than March’s 2019/20 year-end figure.

You can access more headline insights via the executive summary infographic, as well as headline findings for Scottish landlords here and for Welsh landlords here

The full report, including detailed analysis and best practice from landlords across the UK, is exclusively available to participating organisations. Find out more about how to participate here or contact

By Emily Dixon

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