It’s time to access insights and answers about your organisation’s performance

It’s time to access insights and answers about your organisation’s performance at your annual tailored feedback meeting.

As part of your membership, you benefit from a bespoke data analysis session that provides insight, information and opportunities to:

The meeting is unique to your organisation. This means you decide what you want us focus our presentation on – this can be a particular area of your business, such as asset management, or we can deliver a good overview of your organisation’s performance.

It’s a great opportunity to bring your Executive team and senior leadership together to hear new perspectives from independent data analysts – you will ask questions, delve deeper into the data and understand key trends, what’s working well and the areas that could be improved.
This is a really important part of making sure you can use data analysis to make better business decisions. Our team work hard to tailor the analysis to your areas of focus, so book an advanced meeting now to secure a date and share your brief.

97% of members were very or fairly satisfied with their Tailored Feedback visit in 2018. Our members said that it had helped to “inform further discussions for future performance monitoring” and “reinforce the benefits of benchmarking, helping us to drive a performance improvement culture.”

It’s important to note that to truly get the maximum value from a tailored feedback session, you will need to have completed the HouseMark annual cost and performance data submission, with all data having undergone the validation and approval process. This includes at a minimum:

Other optional modules would be Development and STAR satisfaction.

You can still book your tailored feedback meeting if you have not yet submitted this data – we will work closely with you to collect the data before the deadline of 16 August.

If you have resourcing challenges getting your data in and need additional support your Data Analysis and Insight Manager can map your costs and employee structure over to HouseMark categories for an additional cost.

To book your feedback meeting, or to ask any questions about data collection or the feedback process, please contact the Data and Research team on 024 7647 2707 or email us at


By Emily Dixon

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