Introducing HouseMark's Data Skills Labs

At HouseMark data is the heart of everything we do.

Data provides the perfect platform for performance improvement, identifying areas for change and action so that you can build an even better business. But you need to know what to look for, diving deeper into the drivers and trends to really uncover the true potential data holds.

This is why we're launching our Data Skills Labs.

Our Data Skills Labs provide a range of services that help you learn more about data, analysis and insight.

Within the Labs sit our technical user forums. Extremely popular with performance teams, these events provide the perfect opportunity to find out more about comparison analysis, key indicators and system upgrades and improvements. You can also shape future benchmarking services, test new services and tools and meet peers to discuss best practice and share ideas.

New for 2018, we introduce Data Exploration events. It's here we uncover what's happening now and next in data innovation, as well as unpick and predict what a data digital future might look like.

We are also pleased to announce new data skills training packages. Delivered through webinars, interactive learning modules and face to face sessions in and outside of your organisation, our training offer sees us support data upskilling in your organisation across all data maturity levels.

If you want to know more about HouseMark's Data Skills Labs, please get in touch and share your data skills challenges here.

By Stephen Russell

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