HouseMark launches new best practice customer satisfaction framework HouseMark STAR

HouseMark has launched HouseMark STAR, the best practice customer satisfaction framework for the UK housing sector. Developed with unprecedented participation from 300 landlords and more than 13,000 tenants and leaseholders, HouseMark STAR is the only co-created solution for consistently measuring comparable customer satisfaction.

The modern, flexible HouseMark STAR framework draws on out-of-sector best practice and extensive research with all provider types and sizes. It includes core perception and transactional measures, and an extensive library of additional questions that can be tailored to align with a landlord’s strategic aims. The new HouseMark STAR rating will provide landlords with an accurate and trusted assessment of overall performance that they can share with tenants, leaseholders, boards and other stakeholders.

Talking about the launch, HouseMark Chief Executive Laurice Ponting said: “I am delighted with the level of engagement seen in our review of STAR. This shows how serious the sector is about listening to and acting on feedback to deliver better services.  Improving performance requires consistent, robust data that gets to the heart of what matters tenants and leaseholders, and provides meaningful insights to drive action. Using the new framework will ensure that landlords are capturing customer feedback in line with in and out-of-sector best practice.

“HouseMark STAR will deliver results that can be trusted. It offers an opportunity for landlords to refresh their approach and re-build trust with their tenants and leaseholders. I’m proud that HouseMark has delivered this co-designed solution.”

Jenny Osbourne, Chief Executive of Tpas added:

“Tpas were delighted to partner with HouseMark in this important step forward for the sector. We ran a series of workshops to ensure our tenant members had a strong voice and influence in the design of HouseMark STAR. We know that in the past residents have often been cynical of satisfaction performance reported by landlords. The new STAR framework offers a valuable opportunity for landlords to re-set their relationships, focus on what matters to tenants, and access meaningful insight to help drive service improvement.”

HouseMark’s review of STAR was launched in May 2019. The steering group included representation from the National Housing Federation (NHF), the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), Tpas, the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA), Association of Retained Council Housing (ARCH), Taroe Trust, and Councils with ALMOs Group (CWAG).  HouseMark commissioned specialists Acuity and TLF Research to support the review and secure out-of-sector innovation and best practice.

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By Emily Dixon

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