HouseMark confirms involvement of more than 200 social landlords in STAR review

HouseMark has confirmed the involvement of more than 200 social landlords in their review of the STAR customer satisfaction framework launched in May, including representatives from ALMOs, local authorities and both large and small housing associations.

The review was launched in light of the challenges set out by the social housing green paper and the technological innovations in the collection and reporting of customer perception data since STAR was last revised. It aims to develop a modern yet consistent framework for measuring customer satisfaction that allows like-for-like comparisons but also enables landlords to make use of the data to drive improvements. Results are expected to be published in the Autumn.

Laurice Ponting, Chief Executive at HouseMark said: “It’s fantastic that so many organisations are getting involved in this review – there is clearly appetite and enthusiasm for measuring customer satisfaction and it’s really gathering pace.

“With more robust consumer regulation around the corner, HouseMark’s STAR review will reflect emerging policy and best practice in this space. Over the last few months, we have been working with representatives from across the social housing sector to develop solutions to some of the challenges set out in the green paper, so we’re well placed to ensure the review captures latest thinking.”

Jonathan Cox, Deputy Director of Business Intelligence and the lead for the review added: “We know that any framework for measuring and comparing satisfaction across the sector will need to work for landlords of all shapes and sizes, so I am very pleased to have such a diverse range of contributors. It’s also vital that we involve tenants in this review to hear directly what they would value and use to provide feedback on their landlords. That’s why parallel to our consultation with sector specialists, we’re also speaking with tenants as well as out-of-sector market research specialists.”

HouseMark has engaged customer experience specialists Acuity and TLF Research to undertake the review. There is still the opportunity for those who would like to be involved to come forward, please email

By Natalia Karska

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