HouseMark announces review of sector-leading customer satisfaction methodology

HouseMark has today (Thursday 16th May) announced a review of its sector-leading customer satisfaction methodology STAR. Delivered with support from customer experience specialists Acuity and The Leadership Factor, the aim of the review is to come up with a modern yet consistent framework for measuring customer satisfaction that allows like-for-like comparisons but also enables landlords to make use of the data to drive improvements.

First released in 2011, STAR provides landlords with a framework to consistently compare customer satisfaction metrics. Over 300 landlords submitted STAR satisfaction data in 2018 including stock retaining local authorities, ALMOs and housing associations of all sizes. The review is being launched in light of the Social Housing Green Paper and the innovative technology and practices seen out-of-sector since it was last reviewed in 2015.

Talking about the review, HouseMark Chief Executive Laurice Ponting said: “We know that STAR provides landlords with the insights needed to drive better real-life experiences for tenants. It has been the dominant framework since its release in 2011, but we believe that in light of both the Green Paper, and innovations in this area from out-of-sector, the time is right to review its methodology.

“Recognising that social tenants have less opportunity to switch providers should not be used as an excuse for poor customer experience. As the leading strategic data partner to the sector, we are committed to harnessing data to improve performance, and understanding tenant satisfaction as comprehensively as possible is key. This review will ensure that STAR provides social housing landlords with the best possible tool to deliver and demonstrate an excellent customer experience for tenants.”

The review is scheduled to take place over Summer 2019 with results anticipated in September; input from specialists both within and outside of the sector are being invited to ensure its success. For the first stage, social housing professionals with an interest in customer experience are being invited to join a ‘sounding board’ of experts. Anyone interested in joining this group, or who would simply like more information, please contact

By Emily Dixon

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