First 10 speakers announced for HouseMark’s 10 Days of Data

Last week we shared the top 10 reasons why you need to be part of HouseMark’s 10 Days of Data happening this October (if you missed out you can catch up here). Today we have 10 more – we’re announcing 10 of the expert speakers from our line up! Bringing together specialists from both in and out of sector in every session, there is something for everyone to explore the power of data across your organisation:

Protecting your data: Cyber security in a post-COVID world (1 October)

Bruce Thomson, ISfL Technical Security Specialist and Cyber Security Consultant

Using voice of the customer data to reimagine customer experience (6 October)
Sponsored by Upland Rant & Rave 

Jo Causon, CEO, Institute of Customer Service

Anita Khan, Executive Director of Customer Services, Settle

Using data to shape your success stories (7 October)

Stuart Macdonald, Managing Director, See Media

The power of data to drive digital transformation (8 October)
Sponsored by FutureGov 

Sally Caldwell, Housing Director, FutureGov

Shine a light on what matters: How Boards can make better sense of data (13 October)

Kelsey Walker, Director, Affordable Housing Consultancy and lead on boards, governance, risk and assurance, Savills

The Future of Work (14 October)

Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner, Enterprise CTIO, BT

Predicting the financial impact of COVID for the future (20 October)

Will Perry, Director of Strategy, RSH

Waqar Ahmed, Group Finance Director, L&Q

Robust performance reporting frameworks: Understand what the numbers mean to your business (21 October)

Jonathan Cox, Deputy Director of Business Intelligence, HouseMark

Data-based decision making in a crisis (22 October)

Steve Russell, Head of Analysis and Service Improvement, Warwickshire Police

Find out more about the different events on offer and secure your place here.

By Emily Cullingham

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