Early adopters join HouseMark’s new Predictive Analytics Project

Early-adopter providers across England and Wales have joined HouseMark’s Predictive Analytics Project, an innovative pilot which will shape a new way of working in asset management. PA Housing, ForViva, settle and Bron Afon are among the first landlords to join and are set to lead the way in helping to shape a solution that could make significant cost savings for the sector.

Launching this spring, HouseMark will be working with a group of forward-thinking organisations to explore the potential of using machine learning techniques to build a model that helps predict repair costs and generates new asset data insights, with a view to save money.

Talking about the project, HouseMark Chief Executive Laurice Ponting said: “HouseMark is committed to providing the sector with the data-driven solutions it needs to do things differently and improve its effectiveness. We know there is a vast resource of rich operational asset management data that could be used to deliver insight for practical, real-world applications. This project will see forward-thinking organisations come together and play an influential role in leading innovation in the housing sector by unlocking the power of this data to transform how they operate.

“We are looking for landlords who want to embrace the opportunity to use their expertise and influence to help shape a solution with measurable and tangible results and outcomes. I am delighted that these organisations have already confirmed their involvement and look forward to seeing how this project will help organisations to deliver more for their tenants.”

Working with renowned machine learning expert Field Dynamics, trailblazing organisations will benefit from previously unseen insights into how their asset management function operates as well as learning from experts and forward-thinking peers. The project launches at the end of February and it is expected to last around six months. For more information visit our website or contact elaine.middleton@housemark.co.uk.

By Emily Dixon

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