Global Accounts – summary headlines

Following the first year of the implementation of the 1% rent cut, the sector has come under increasing pressure to deliver more efficiency and more growth in increasingly challenging economic and political circumstances. So, what can analysis of the Global Accounts for 2017 tell us about the relative health and risks in the sector? This year’s HCA report reveals some interesting findings:

An overall picture of increasing investment and growth:

A resilient sector has increased investment in new and existing housing by 15% and continues to deliver new growth:

Overall financial health has not been affected by the rent cut:

Turnover levels have been maintained, though surpluses are improved:

Providers are driving down costs to protect and improve margins:

The sector is not standing still - alongside increasing investment in new homes supply, an efficiency drive can be seen to be taking hold to ensure sustainable financial futures:

Consolidation of the sector continues

The sector continues to consolidate, with an increased number of mergers and group structures in evidence.

Increasing exposure to market risk

As new development activity has increased across the sector, management of risk is a key area of focus:

Overall findings

For the HCA Global Accounts Data with HouseMark ratios, click here.

For the full HCA report, click here.



By Stephen Russell

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