Five reasons you need to be at this year’s Housing Data and Analytics Summit

With only four weeks until the Housing Data & Analytics Summit, our Chief Executive Laurice Ponting shares five reasons why forward-thinking housing professionals need to be at HouseMark’s flagship event...

1. Big data… big opportunities

We are living in the age of big data; how do you make this work for you? Every aspect of a landlord’s operations generates data – whether that be tenancy management, voids management, rent collection, repairs and maintenance or new building development. As the sector moves towards digital service delivery and AI assisted technology, more and more data will be generated.

We will explore the skills, tools and techniques you need to harness this information and ensure you're leading the way for data in housing.

2. Data quality is key to compliance with regulatory standards

Are you confident in the accuracy of your data? The assumption that strong and accurate data is being used by executives and boards for effective decision making underpins compliance with regulatory standards across the UK. The most successful data users put great attention into ensuring the data they collect and report is as accurate as possible, but they also know when to turn insight into action.

Find out how to reap the benefits of data quality and why it’s the foundation of better decision making.

 3. Learning from in and out of sector best practice

 Learning from the best within our own sector is important; we share the same challenges as well as similar opportunities. Being open to how other sectors use data to achieve benefits for their customers and businesses overall can provide a different lens to re-assess the problems you are looking to solve.

By bringing together some of the most influential data professionals from different industries including health, the media and retail, the event promises to deliver best data practice, with transferable insights for the housing sector.

4. People are more important than machines

AI can generate the data better and quicker than any individual. However, it can’t filter, analyse, or provide actionable insights without people asking the right questions. You need a heavy dose of curiosity to make the most from the data you have available and feel empowered to ask questions (again and again) until something resembling an answer starts to emerge. This is about culture. Data is often seen as ‘someone else’s responsibility’ and yet the most powerful results can come from operational managers being given the support and tools to access their own data to ask questions that reveal the root causes and drivers underlying performance.

Learn how to build a successful data team and network with others to see how they are fostering a data-driven performance culture.

 5. Housing is a people business

Whilst the government is focussed on Brexit, the housing sector has been proactively looking at ways to deliver on the Social Housing Green Paper. HouseMark launched a review of the STAR customer satisfaction framework in May 2019. The aim of the review is to develop a modern yet consistent framework for measuring customer satisfaction that allows like-for-like comparisons but also enables landlords to make use of the data to drive improvements.

Close to 300 landlords and 5,000 tenants have been involved in shaping the new framework, and attendees at the Data Summit will be the first to hear the proposals.

The potential for the sector to use the power of data to unlock better performance and deliver more for our customers is huge, and I look forward to sharing ideas and discussing best practice with as many of you as possible in Birmingham on 1 October.

The Housing Data and Analytics Summit takes place on 1 October at Millennium Point, Birmingham. To see the agenda, highlights from the successful 2018 event and book your place today by following this link.


Take your seat in the auditorium at Millennium Point...

By Laurice Ponting

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