Diving into the world of business transformation…

Business transformation is crucial when it comes to anticipating customer needs, staying ahead of the competition and achieving success in this ever-changing market. Here at HouseMark we've always been passionate about continuous innovation, development and improvement. This is why, as part of our business solutions services, I was particularly excited to take groups of social housing professionals to journey inside some of the world’s biggest brands and interview world class leaders about their methods for transformation.

During our time behind-the-scenes, we discovered three main steps that really made a difference and we thought we’d share them with you!

Having a shared goal 

Transformation has to be driven by a strong sense of purpose and understanding of what shapes the business. The first questions to ask yourself is what is it that is going to make your organisation, the people and culture change? Let’s take Nissan as an example, a company that has invested a lot of their time into understanding every detail of their business and as a result they are now the most productive car plant in the world!

They found that every second they can shave off their production line process delivers £1m to their bottom line. This process of transformation through small scale innovation is now a part of their culture and each member of staff knows that it is their responsibility to be constantly looking for ways to save that second.

Focusing on your goal 

Focusing on what you are trying to achieve, along with leadership which doesn’t allow distractions can go a long way, just look at Greggs…

Most people will still know them as Greggs the Bakers however they no longer sell bread! With rapid changes in the market, it was fight or flight for the company. Their new chief executive came in with a simple vision of moving the business from Greggs the Bakers to Greggs Food on The Go.

With the main objective now introduced, he created a simple yet effective test for new products and services. This was a question of ‘How is this product or service contributing to our goal of moving the business from Greggs the bakers to Greggs Food on The Go?’ If it didn’t pass the test, then it was dropped and replaced with something that did.

Simplify, simplify, simplify 

Apple is undoubtedly one of the most continuously successful businesses in history. It’s hard on the way up but to stay at the top can be even harder, especially when you’ve already achieved your early ambitions. So, what’s their secret? Simplicity! Think about it, when have you ever had to reach for an Apple instruction manual?

Having spent time with the company a couple of things struck me as to why they are the best at what they do. Transformation for them is about constant improvement, often without the customer even knowing. They can update their products online overnight and the next morning the customer can wake up to a new product thanks to a software update. Importantly they do this on a consistent basis. There is a saying “any idiot can build in complexity but it takes a genius to simplify it!” and that statement is at the heart of what they do daily.

What I’ve learnt along the way is that business transformation is not easy. It won’t always be quick and it will take a lot of resilience and determination. But despite all the bumps in the road, it is worth it!

If you’d like to find out more about how HouseMark can help you on your business transformation journey, contact us on 024 7646 0500.

Ian Wright
Assistant chief executive, HouseMark

By Ian Wright

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